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Speaking Engagement: AAF Tuscaloosa, October 11, 2018

On Thursday, October 11, I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of advertising and communications executives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Here's a recap of that event. More information can be found here.

Event Summary

Social media keeps changing and it’s our responsibility as marketing and advertising professionals to keep up with the changes.

Why You Should Pivot Social Media Marking from the Business to the Individual:

  • Facebook has reduced the visibility of business-related content in favor of individual content. (Ie: See more of Aunt Kay and less of Circle K.)

  • Top social trends: live video, social listening, influencer marketing, community building, user-generated content

Case Study: The Community Company

In re-evaluating their social media strategy, The Community Company (YEC, Forbes Ad Council, etc.) found that member retention was lacking. By focusing on a social media mission statement, they were able to answer why they were on social media:

  • Amplifier: Ensure that the right channels were prioritized in order to reach members

  • Complement: Ensure a team-based approach with editorial and community management

  • Connector: Provide networking to expand members’ social circles

  • Podium: Positioned members as experts and thought leaders in their respective fields

Over 30 days engagement across all platforms increase between 40% and 183%. Over 60 days retention rates increased.

How YOU can Focus on the Individual:

  • Develop a social media mission statement and answer why you are on social media

  • Feature individuals: customers, employees, families

  • Tag: people, places, hashtag

Helpful Tools:

  • Mention

  • Sendible

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