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40 Social Media Affirmations You Need to Repeat

If our minds and attitudes play pivotal roles in the success of our lives and businesses, how can we ignore our attitudes toward social media?

Many of the people I talk to who have difficulty making social media do what they need it to do simply need to switch up the way they think about social media and their online activity.

  • "I don't have time"

  • "I've done everything I can and still no engagement"

  • "It's a waste of time and resources"

  • "I don't have the things I need to properly invest in it"

  • "I can't make it work"

  • "I don't understand it"

Skill and knowledge play big parts in social media success, but so does the enjoyment of it all.

I challenge you to repeat these 40 affirmations on a regular basis in order to fully grasp how easy it is to love working with social media for your business.

Social Media Affirmations

  1. Social media provides a wealth of opportunity

  2. I share content that easy to read and engage with

  3. Every day, my follower count increases

  4. Traffic goes exactly where I want it to go

  5. People engage with me on social media because they like what I share

  6. There is no limit to the creativity I have when it comes to social media

  7. I enjoy sharing updates with others

  8. I enjoy engaging in conversations on social media

  9. I make others feel good about themselves when they follow my page

  10. I make others feel good about themselves each time I post

  11. I give people information they care about

  12. Social media is a useful tool to spread positivity

  13. I get people excited by what I post

  14. My time is well spent on social media

  15. I like, share and retweet what others share on social media, and they do the same for me

  16. My images are original, thoughtful and engaging

  17. My social media copy is original, thoughtful and engaging

  18. I put care and attention into what I share on social media, and it shows

  19. Social media gives me clear return on investment

  20. Everyday I find followers who share my passions and interests

  21. Great ideas for social media posts can come from anywhere

  22. I am open to new avenues of sharing my social media content

  23. I take pride in my business’s social media presence

  24. I am effective on social media

  25. People find me from all over the world, and I enjoy connecting with them

  26. On social media, I tell the truth, and I help others find their truth

  27. My social media channels have a purpose and mission

  28. Online, I am authentic and original, the same as in person

  29. I find the humor in everyday situations and share those moments with my fans and followers

  30. It’s safe for me to be successful in social media

  31. Opportunities to be successful in social media are everywhere

  32. I focus my time and energy on the right things when it comes to social media

  33. I research and use the most appropriate hashtags for my business

  34. I pay attention to social media analytics, but I also rely on myself to know what is best to share on social media

  35. I measure what counts

  36. I am constantly coming up with new ideas for posts

  37. My blog content is shared effortlessly to social

  38. I automate the things I can

  39. In my social media efforts, I set goals and accomplish them

  40. I follow others regularly because I’m interested in what they have to say

Did you repeat these?

How do you feel about social media after doing this exercise?

Let's continue the conversation about #socialmediaaffirmations on Twitter and Instagram. Let me know what you think by following me and commenting @mareejones on either platform.

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