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#FireDrillFridays: My Social Media Sucks!

One question I get all the time is how to improve social media accounts and performance, just generally.

And often people ask me this looking for 1-2 quick tips or pieces of advice.

Something they haven't thought of or considered.

Recently, I conducted a social media audit and was able to identify some things that needed optimizing.

But in actuality, these elements are considered to be "repeat offenders": things that most people and organizations fail to do with their social media accounts on a regular basis:

Social Media Repeat Offenders:

  1. Failing to create specific content for each channel

  2. Using the same images on Facebook that you use on Instagram

  3. Sticking with only one type of post (images, links, etc.)

  4. Not customizing or branding images or just using basic stock photography

  5. The lack of a social media mission statement

  6. Posting inconsistently

  7. Not testing and learning

  8. Ignoring the kinds of content your audience actually likes

  9. Connecting Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

  10. Thoughtlessly using or under-utilizing hashtags

  11. Not regularly following or connecting with new people

  12. Broadcasting a message instead of engaging in conversation

Have you noticed any of these repeat offenders showing up in your social media channels? What changes could you make to improve social media performance?

Maree Jones is a social media strategist in Birmingham, Alabama. You can follow her on @mareejones on Instagram and Twitter.

Click here to contact Maree directly for any questions, comments or other feedback.

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