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Trend Alert: Why Stories Are Going To Be A Big Deal in 2019

Sharing content to a news feed is so 2018.

Don't get me wrong, traditional social media publishing will continue to be very important going into the new year, but Stories are going to (finally) provide a way for that content to actually get seen by the people who matter.

While organic reach is at an all-time low, Stories provide users a way to see who's actually seeing their posts in a way that sharing photos or other content to a news feed just can't touch.

They also allow for more intimate communication, which can be very appealing in a mass consumption social landscape.

Bottom line: Stories make your audience feel special, whether they realize it or not.

And in a social media world that increasingly does the exact opposite, that's really saying something.

Stories allow you to selectively share content, ephemeral content, to people who matter to you the most, and now that Instagram rolled out its close friends feature, you can be even more selective about who sees your content.

There are a few other reasons why Stories, no matter which platform you're on, are poised to be big in 2019. Click through to read a little more about each:

Let's face it, the cool kids are NOT broadcasting in the news feed these days, they're telling Stories.

What are some other trends you're noticing in 2018 and 2019? Let's chat. Contact me here or Tweet me at @MareeJones.

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