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The Relationship Between Creativity and Confidence

Years ago, I experimented with doing stand-up comedy. I had a blast, but it was one of the most challenging things I've ever done. Not only regarding the actual performance, but also in terms of creating original material. Still, it was exhilarating.

Not too long after I started, I quickly stopped. Why? Because someone, whose opinion I greatly valued at the time, gave me a "meh" face after one of my performances. My confidence quickly plummeted, and that part of myself was buried under other qualities I desperately wanted to develop instead.

In the last few years, however, I've unearthed and reconnected with that part of myself and utilized that aspect of my personality in other areas: namely, social media.

And as I see likes, comments and feedback on my funny-girl posts continue to grow, I wonder why I let my confidence take such a hit. That led me to wonder about the relationship between confidence and creativity. Not just as it relates to humor and being funny, but in all aspects of creative work.

Here's what I realized: for me, confidence is 100% critical to creativity. And that means being able to ask the question why or explain your ideas in an environment without fear or intimidation by others.

I love those creative "aha!" moments. I live for those. And I must continue to develop the confidence that allows me to have more of those types of moments.

What is connected to creativity for you? Is it confidence?

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