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Low-Hanging Fruit of LinkedIn: Quick and Easy Wins for Profile Success

As a social media marketing professional, I am amazed at how many people tend to under-utilize LinkedIn for self-promotion. There are so many ways to make your personal profile pop so that you are not only searchable and findable (HELLO, HUMAN DATABASE) but also so that you are putting your best face forward to anyone who might be looking to utilize your professional skills.

Here are my top three tips for quick profile improvement:

1. Your headline. LinkedIn headlines are not supposed to be cute or clever; they're supposed to be utilized for search. Think of LinkedIn as a search engine for people. If someone is searching for a person associated with select keywords, you're much more likely to be found if those words are in your profile headline.

2. Your profile photo. Headshots should be updated every couple of years and should reflect what you actually look like now. Profiles with missing images or photos tend to be overlooked by potential recruiters or employers. This is a quick way to improve profile visits dramatically. Also -- Repeat after me: selfies are not headshots.

3. Multimedia. LinkedIn provides ample opportunity for users to showcase photos, videos, white papers or anything else that may communicate their expertise and pin them to each area on their resume or experience sections. This allows employers to be more fully immersed in a potential employee's experience and knowledge.

The more you fill out your profile sections, the stronger your profile is when it comes to what the algorithm sees. LinkedIn is one of the few remaining places where organic reach still means something. Update your profile, publish some original content, and watch those profile views roll in.

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