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MORE Resources (You Haven't Heard of) For Women in PR, Social Media and Marketing

Several people reached out to me after my last piece was published, offering their own tips, influencers and resources for women in the biz. Here's some additional places to find inspiration, knowledge and training in any field related to marketing:

What I like about it: Mignon Fogerty has the market cornered on how we can communicate better, more clearly and with purpose. For any woman in the communications industry, she's a must-follow.

What I like about it: If you're a LinkedInophile, like me, chances are you're already following Shama, but if not, here's why you should: not only does Shama offer top-shelf social media and digital marketing insights, but she also does a wonderful job of making her personal brand shine.

What I like about it: Facebook Groups are having a major moment in 2017. When the world of social media is continuously clogged with political opinions, fake news and whatever else, Facebook Groups help cut through the clutter and allow people to develop real-life relationships. Yes, even professional ones.

What else would you recommend?

What are some of your favorite online resources?

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