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Social Media Charlatans, The Perils of LinkedIn Networking, and More: Three Things on My Mind this Week

In this week's reflections, I'm covering a range of topics, from content creation myths to the perils of LinkedIn networking.

The Art of Content Creation: Is It Really a One-Sitting Task?

Have you ever wondered how long it actually takes to create quality content? It's a question that often plagues content creators, and there's a common belief that some people can whip up a month's worth of content in a single sitting. But do they really know what they're doing?


Social Media Manager: Is It Really Something Anyone Can Do?

I watched House once. Am I qualified to be a medical professional? Because of the highly visible and democratic nature of social media, so many people believe they have insight into what it takes to do the job well. Are they delulu?


The Perils of LinkedIn Networking: Is It Really A Dating App Now?

In an age of online networking, it's crucial to address the issue of unwanted advances, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn. In this LinkedIn post, I discuss the potential harm caused by unsolicited romantic gestures and why it's essential to maintain professionalism online. Remember, LinkedIn has specific terms of service, and using it for non-professional purposes can lead to account suspension.


My Word of the Year: Is It Really A Breakthrough?

Breakthrough is my word of the year for 2024. After dealing with some health-related issues at the end of 2023, the word came to me in a dream. As I explore exactly what it means to me, I invite you to share yours by connecting with me on LinkedIn or X.


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