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Social Media Processes Holding You Back?

What do your internal social media processes look like?

How much time does your social media manager or team spend doing specific activities?

When was the last time you checked?

If your social media manager is spending ample amounts of time moderating comments and content (yes, you should be doing this) on social platforms, guess what they're not doing: creating content.

If it takes your social media manager an entire day to create one 15-second video (yes, it's possible), they don't have time to moderate comments and engage your followers.

If approval processes mean that your social media manager misses out on opportunities to get creative, innovate, and keep up with the latest trends (yes, it's important), your content will get stale fast.

Companies, brands, and agencies can do some really cool things with social media, but if honest conversations aren't happening about processes and responsibilities, you need to adjust your expectations accordingly.

When was the last time you had honest conversations with your team?

Do you know if you have enough resources to innovate?

Do you know if you're using your resources wisely?

Managers of social pros or teams should plan regular check-ins to ensure everyone has what they need to do their job well.

And bosses? You might be surprised at the feedback you receive.

How prepared are you to invest in social media to retain your social superstars?


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