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Plastic Barbie Tables And Democratization of Brands

The plastic things inside pizza boxes serve an important function: side tables for the Barbies I played with growing up.

I'm not alone in this, either.

There are generations of kids who did the same.

To be honest, this was a missed opportunity for a plastics company to:

  1. give the thingy a catchy brand name or

  2. to provide colors or patterns so that our Barbie's interiors could be a bit more interesting.

I've even seen where more recently, people still use these things as phone holders or stands (after washing them off, of course).

Sometimes, we put a brand or product out on social media, and, just like this pizza table, audiences redefine it or think of other uses for it.

If you're not paying attention, or at least lurking a bit, you're missing out on generations worth of insights and ideas.


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