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Threading the Needle About Threads

A new contender has emerged in social media platforms, poised to rival Twitter's dominance. Threads, developed by Meta, has gained significant traction within its first 24 hours, boasting impressive adoption rates.

However, delving into this new app requires some caution, as it may seem more simple than it is. In this post, I'll explore critical insights I've gleaned from Threads' initial success, offering communicators essential considerations before taking the plunge.

Repurposing Content: A Faux Pas

Despite being a developing social media app, Threads has already established its own etiquette rules. New users have disapproved of brands attempting to make their mark by repurposing content from Twitter or other social networks. To make a genuine impact, corporate users and brands are expected to bring something fresh, whether original content, compelling stories, or showcasing a different side of their brand's personality. Unfiltered authenticity is the driving force behind initial user activity.

Limited Social Features

Threads currently lacks some typical social media features. Hashtags are not supported, search functionality is limited, and direct messaging is unavailable. If these features are vital to your communication strategy, waiting until Threads expands its capabilities might be wise.

Accessibility Concerns

One significant concern surrounding the platform is accessibility. Threads currently does not support user-generated alt-text, a feature that aids visually impaired individuals in understanding images. Critics have highlighted this as a pivotal update needed for the platform's long-term success. Whether or not this issue is addressed remains to be seen.

Overall Clunkiness

Threads can be a time-consuming endeavor. Navigating the app, managing notifications, finding and following others, and engaging with the platform can quickly eat up a significant portion of your time. Being mindful of the potential time commitment associated with using Threads is crucial.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Is investing time and energy into Threads the best use of limited resources in a world with numerous social media platforms?

  • Does the informal nature of the app align with the expectations people have of my brand?

  • Do I have something new and original to contribute, or do I intend to repurpose existing content?

Don't feel pressured to jump into Threads or any other platform if you're not ready to tackle it. Threads presents an intriguing opportunity to engage with a text-based platform that has already garnered significant interest.

However, before immersing yourself in this new social media landscape, carefully consider the unique characteristics, limitations, and potential challenges associated with Threads. By doing so, you can decide whether it aligns with your communication strategy and organizational objectives.


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