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Why attitude is everything in social media management

I get it. In the 90s, TV and movie stars set the trends, and the rest of us followed. Anyone remember 'The Rachel' haircut?

Social media is so entrenched in our culture now that it's micro-influencers and creators who start new trends.

It is a different world, and it's amazing (or surprising) to see the celebrities who have adapted to changing times vs. those who lament the old days.

Off the bat, I'm thinking of Leslie Jordan, who, in his 60s, became an Instagram sensation. Or Dionne Warwick, who carved her own fun niche within the bounds of Twitter.

Regardless of age or generational preferences, I'm convinced that any social media success boils down to attitude as much as technical skill.

Even though there are days when I feel similar to Aniston – let's just be honest – overwhelmingly, I do love social media and try to approach it with as much energy and enthusiasm as I did twelve years ago when I started my career.

Hire for attitude.

Post and plan content with the right attitude.

Approach social media development with the right attitude.



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