How Can I Improve My LinkedIn Presence? The Influencer Whisperer Has Answers

Last year, The Influencer Whisperer wrote about one of my biggest pet peeves in the social media sphere: The LinkedIn Appropriateness Police.

It became clear, however, soon after I hit "publish" that many people had questions about the LinkedIn basics and how to get more involved on the platform.

If you're new to LinkedIn (or don't regularly use the platform), here are some 101-level requirements for getting the most out of it.

blockPart 1: Your Profile Essentials Each LinkedIn profile should include this basic information:

  1. blockBasic information (name, country, industry, headline)

  2. blockProfile Photo

  3. blockSummary

  4. blockWork experience (a minimum of 3 jobs)

  5. blockEducation

  6. blockSkills & Expertise (a minimum of 5 skills)

  7. blockAt least 50 connections (with a goal of reaching 500 connections)

block 1. Basic Information In order for your LinkedIn profile to be optimized and searchable on the platform, you must include information such as your full name, your industry, your country and a professional headline. Your headline can include or comprise of a number of things but the best headlines include your current job title, your key skill(s) and your company’s name. For some additional tips on personal branding, click here. Your headline is important because it is used wherever you post comments, in the "People Also Viewed" section of fellow LinkedIn members, in Search results and more. In order to update contact and personal information associated with your profile, read more from LinkedIn. 2. A Profile Photo According to LinkedIn, your profile is 7 times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile photo. A professional headshot or photo from the shoulders up works well. I do not recommend taking "selfies" or having low-quality photography as your profile photo. This image showcases who you are to the entire LinkedIn community.

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block 3. Writing a Background Summary When it comes to being searchable and findable on LinkedIn, adding keywords and other important information in your background summary is a must. What words would you want people to use in order to be able to find you? That's what you should include in your professional summary. Related info: How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Summary 4. & 5. Education & Work Experience In order to achieve rock star status on LinkedIn, it's recommended to include both your educational information, as well as at least three job positions on your LinkedIn profile.