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5 Reasons Why Facebook Groups Are Having Their Best Year Yet

Facebook Groups are having a major year in 2018. With organic page reach diminishing faster than you can say "promoted posts", Groups provide a way to build what brands, companies and professionals are looking for: a sense of community around a particular product, service or theme.

Here are my top 5 reasons that Facebook Groups are going to be more successful than ever this year:

1. They help people find others with like-minded interests, better than most other social media networks or features. Yes, you can search for people by interest or location on Twitter, but with the issues plaguing that platform, it's not the best (or safest) place to network these days.

2. They help people de-clutter social media feeds. Over the past 10-12 years, people have simply collected too many friends, brands, photos, articles, and JUNK in their profiles and news feeds. Groups provide a way to clear out mess, and start somewhere new and fresh.

3. They provide an alternative to social media's emotional intensity and make it fun again. Rather than giving up Facebook entirely, Groups allow people to continue to use the platform, but in a way that's much more engaging and actually moderated by someone who cares about the group's success.

4. They're better for networking than LinkedIn. Hear me out: LinkedIn is also having a moment this year. But it very much has an undercurrent of unspoken rules of what's appropriate, professional or what kind of information should be published on the platform.

5. Admins can see how effective their content is in real time. How many people saw that post? How many people engaged with it? There are no complex analytics to decipher. You can see your content's effectiveness then and there. You know who looked at it, and you can easily pivot your content strategy based on those numbers.

What do you think?

Do you use Facebook Groups?

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