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Why You Should Focus on Building a Social Community

In 2018, many things are changing in the world of social media.

So far, Facebook has implemented dozens of changes in an attempt to make the platform a better, safer place. Twitter has removed millions of fake profiles (even though they have yet to give us an edit button). Instagram rolled out IGTV. And Snapchat... well... bless its heart.

That said, 2018 is the perfect year to reevaluate any type of social media strategy you may already have in place.

Because the world needs it.

That needs to change.

And while objectives and tactics are certainly an important part of any social strategy, the focus on building a social media community should actually be at the top.

To help answer why we need more of a focus on social community, let's take a look at purpose-driven brands.

Because they can teach us a thing or two about this:

At the end of the day, you and I are not the captains at the helm of our social media pages. We're renting the space. And platforms can make any number of changes that ultimately hurt or help our brands.

That's why the focus should be on community.

Building a social community thinks beyond platform strategies and allows for something much bigger and much more forward thinking.

Are you reevaluating your social media strategy right now? What are some things you've found helpful?

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