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QUIZ: Should I Create a Facebook Group or Facebook Page

A quiz.

For those who have wondered --

I'm more interested in:

a. broadcasting my message to the world

b. building a community

My emphasis is:

a. making sure the content I create does well

b. finding like-minded people

I want my role to be:

a. publisher

b. facilitator

It's important that the focus remains:

a. on me

b. what's best for my audience

Ultimately, I want social media to enhance:

a. my bottom line and my reputation, in that order

b. my reputation THEN, way far down the line, possibly, my bottom line

I have a/an ______ amount of time to devote to social media:

a. sparse

b. ample

I trust:

a. good, old-fashioned marketing to help the right people find my content

b. other people to help the right people find my content

When it comes to community management:

a. I'm not really prepared to manage interactions with others.

b. I look forward to having conversations with the people who matter.


Mostly a's - You should create a Facebook Business Page in order to better reach your social media goals.

Mostly b's - You should consider starting a Facebook Group in order to connect with others and help facilitate conversations.

Have any other questions about Facebook Groups or Pages? Connect with me here or follow me on Twitter at @MareeJones.

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