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Speaking Engagement Recap: United Way of Central Alabama, February 7, 2019

On behalf of the United Way of Central Alabama, I had the honor of leading a talk in a room full of bloggers, influencers, social media professionals and influential people in our area.

The topic? Making 2019 the year of the "UnSelfie," or, a focus on others in our social media efforts and how to develop digital character.

Inspired by the core values of the UWCA, I gave the room 6 online character traits that are important to consider and develop: ✔️ Helping People ✔️ Accountability ✔️ Efficiency ✔️ Excellence ✔️ Voluntary Giving ✔️ Integrity and Fairness

Moving into the rest of 2019, may we all be more thoughtful about what we share online and embrace the idea of focusing on others, rather than ourselves.

Are you curious about this topic? Want to learn more about social media? Looking for a speaker at your next event?

Contact me here or find me on Twitter at @MareeJones.

UPDATE: I'm now teaching my social media skills on a regular basis. Click here to learn more about upcoming classes, events and other opportunities!

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