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6 Digital Character Traits Important to Develop in 2019

Earlier this month, I led a discussion in a room full of influencers. The topic? Developing digital CHARACTER, just as we would build character in real life.

As I posted some of my thoughts during and after the event, one thing became clear: the void of content about this particular topic.

According to one of my Facebook friends, "no one is talking about this."

That said, I wanted to dig into each character trait that was discussed at the event and share some additional insights that are important to consider. This is relevant for brands, bloggers, influencers, social media professionals, branding experts, PR pros, and the list goes on.

We're entering a time when social media is maturing, and super users (those mentioned above) will be expected to evolve with it.

6 Digital Character Traits Important to Develop


Helping others should be the focus of any company's or brand's social media mission statement. "I am on Facebook because I want to help others _____________". If you cannot fill in the blank with something useful, it's likely that your social media efforts have stalled or become stagnant. Even if you help others out by entertaining them, helping others is a powerful way to achieve social media effectiveness.


We are responsible for the information and content that we post to social media. Whether good or bad, we will reap whatever is sewn, ESPECIALLY if we have any considerable social media following. Can you say that you are truly accountable for what you're sharing? Are you ready to accept responsibility for what you're sharing? If not, you may need to consider changing your approach to social media.


When people get frustrated at social media, it's often because they feel there is no time to do it well. In truth, the problem is because people are misled into thinking they have to do everything on every platform. Imagine that you have no other obligations on a given day. Your only job was to focus on social media. What would you want to post or share? Doing this quick and easy exercise can often point you in the right direction in terms of where your focus should be.


The world has enough stuff. Billions of pieces of content are created every year. There's enough content out there. The material that influencers produce should be high-quality to be effective. Excellence should be the goal of content production. For some, this may mean posting less. For others, this may mean investing in resources to further content production. Excellence is the name of the game.


Social media allows people to donate during certain times of the year, such as Facebook's birthday-donate program, but voluntary giving and social media giving doesn't have to be relegated to specific seasons. It can be done regularly. What this looks like will be different for many people. Some may try fundraising for non-profits while others may partner to promote an organization close to their hearts. The important thing is to use influence to help others.


A journalist would likely lose their job if they posted content that was false, fabricated, exaggerated or stolen. Right? The same standards should be in place for bloggers and influencers. Thanks to documentaries like the Fyre Festival, we have had our collective eyes opened to the weight of an influencer's influence.

What to do with this information:

If the character traits above were developed into a checklist, and if you posted that checklist next to your computer the next time you developed content, how would that impact your content creation?

Would it make a difference?

Do you see gaps where you need to further develop your digital character?

Continue the conversation with me by contacting me or interacting with me on social media!

UPDATE: I'm now teaching my social media skills to everyone. Click here to learn more about upcoming classes, events and other opportunities!

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