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How I Increased Twitter Engagement By 8,000% in Six Months

In July 2018, I was tapped to create a social media strategy that made the best use of HUGE volumes of content that were regularly produced.

I was challenged to find new types of content to share, as well.

Though intimidated at first, I realized that this would be a unique challenge for me, as I had never tackled a project at this scale before in my career.

In August, the new strategy officially launched.

This past week, after completing a mid-year check-in report, I found out that the new strategy directly contributed to an increase in overall Twitter engagement by 8,000%.

Moreover, these were some already well-established Twitter communities.

How did I do it?

Easy. I followed my own advice. The advice that I post regularly on my blog and social media sites.

Advice such as:

And relying on a team of communications professionals, virtual assistants and solid social media tools to help guide our strategy forward.

Yet in spite of that success, we're looking to the future because social strategies can become stale quickly. What got us to that percentage increase this year may not work again next year.

But because I am so naturally immersed in the world of social media, I have every confidence that we'll be able to see continuous growth month after month.

Do you have any questions about how to grow your social media accounts? You can always contact me here or follow me on Twitter to see some of my advice via real-time Tweets.

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