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Social Media Classes: March/April 2019

This month, I'm launching a series of special, drop-in classes strictly focused on social media engagement.

I've been practicing social media for over a decade, and in that time I've learned so much about how to approach it for the ultimate success (that is, whatever success looks like to you).

These classes are available to anyone and everyone, and registration can be found here.

You can also follow my Facebook page, The Influencer Whisperer, for additional events and happenings.

Please share this post with anyone you know who might be interested in learning more!

And if you have any other questions about social media, you can always contact me here.


- Q: Who should attend these classes? A: Anyone who is interested in improving their personal or business's social media presence

- Q: Do these classes cost anything? A: YES -- I guarantee that you will learn something that you cannot Google and get the answer to. I am also a firm believer in being more committed and engaged in the things we invest our money in. I am keeping these classes as affordable as possible. There isn't a monthly commitment. And you can attend whichever classes are of interest to you.

- Q: Will the recording be available after the class? A: YES -- but only to those who have registered and paid for the class. I want to make sure people see a value in attending, or, if they are unable to attend but are still interested in receiving the information, they have the option for that as well.

- Q: What are your qualifications for teaching these classes? A: Great question! All of your answers can hopefully be found here.

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