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What do you call your social media person? Insights re: social media as a career

What do you call the person who manages your social media?

An earlier Tweet sparked some thoughts about the titles I've seen granted to social media professionals over the years. I've even been called a few others --

  • "PR Girl"

  • "Miss Tweet"

  • "Internet-digital-queen-goddess-of-something"

These weren't my official titles per se, but rather what clients or employers jokingly called me when they couldn't quite think of what it is I actually do.

Therein lies one of the challenges to making a career out of social media: there are many people who do not see it as a legitimate profession.

Thankfully, the people from The Balance have provided a great list of alternative social media manager titles, depending on tenure, seniority, experience and more (I've highlighted the ones I've actually been given during my career):

  • Blogger

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Brand Manager

  • Community Manager

  • Content Manager

  • Content Strategist

  • Digital Communications Professional

  • Digital Content Manager

  • Digital Media Manager

  • Digital Media Producer

  • Digital Media Supervisor

  • Director of Community

  • Director, Communications Planning

  • Director, Online Communications

  • Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications

  • Director, Social Media Marketing

  • Director of Social Media

  • Director of Social Media Communications

  • Director, Social Media Relations

  • Director of Social Media Strategy

  • Engagement Coordinator

  • Engagement Manager

  • Interactive Media Associate

  • Interactive Media Coordinator

  • Interactive Media Manager

  • Internet Marketing Coordinator

  • Internet Marketing Manager

  • Manager of Digital and Social Media

  • Manager, Social Media

  • Multi-Media Communications Specialist

  • Online Content Coordinator

  • Social Media Account Executive

  • Social Media Analyst

  • Social Media Assistant

  • Social Media Associate

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Social Media Designer

  • Social Media Editor

  • Social Media Executive

  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator

  • Social Media Manager

  • Social Media Producer

  • Social Media Specialist

  • Social Media Strategist

And, freelance Social Media Professional

What do you call your social media person? Let's continue this discussion on Twitter at @mareejones!

Have any questions about social media? Contact me here or check out one of my upcoming social media courses.

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