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Don't Sleep on LinkedIn: What you need to know about upcoming algorithm changes

No one:

Absolutely no one:

LinkedIn: We're updating our algorithm!

This week, LinkedIn announced that they were making tweaks to their existing algorithm in an attempt to get people to better (or further) connect with people in their personal networks or find content from people who share similar interests.

So if you're tired of constantly seeing posts from the same LinkedIn influencers and superusers, you may be in luck, as that is likely to change soon.

What does this mean for individuals who want to post content to LinkedIn?

Here are some recommendations, based on the insights from this article:


  • Engage people in conversations when posting updates or articles

  • Ask questions to your network and attempt to garner a response

  • Interact with posts that are going viral by liking and commenting

  • Think about a niche or specific topic you can address

  • Use hashtags (but no more than 2-3)

  • "@" people and organizations within your posts


  • Broadcast messages

  • Post articles and dip with no attempt to engage

  • Ignore local communities or networks

  • Overload your posts with hashtags

What about businesses and brand pages?

There are some who think that this is a play to begin putting pressure on brands and publishers to shell out money for promoted content, and that may be the case.

If you manage a company page on LinkedIn, it's important to think about a long-term LinkedIn strategy for your organization by answering the following questions:

- Do you want your LinkedIn presence to be more of a hub where employees or clients can connect with one another, or are you more interested in sharing news and insights?

- Is the thought of publishing original content scary to you, or do you have great resources?

- Is money available to you in case you do need to increase your promoted post spending on that channel, or are you tapped out?

Your answers to these questions and more may clue you into whether or not you need a more robust LinkedIn strategy.

Not on LinkedIn?

I have many conversations with creative types: influencers, authors, bloggers, content creators and writers - who simply don't think LinkedIn is worth their time, but I think that's further from the truth.

Don't sleep on LinkedIn.

It's poised to give you some amazing contacts and opportunities if you let it. It also does wonders for professional reputations and network-building.

And? It's one of the few places in the social network sphere where organic reach still means something.

I answer them all the time! Click here and drop a note.

Are we connected on LinkedIn? If not, let's change that.

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