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Seriously: Stop comparing yourself to others on social media

Over the last decade, social media led to advancements, opportunities, and possibilities the world has never seen.

And yet.

It's still a relatively new form of communication for human beings. As I've said before in presentations and talks: we're going to get a lot of things wrong in social media before we start getting a lot of things right.

I believe one of the things we've collectively gotten wrong is letting social media drive us to compare ourselves to others. This habit is particularly detrimental to both younger social media audiences and women.

We do have alternatives to comparison, however. And we must teach these tools to others as we understand how to better engage with the content we see on social media daily.

Things that are better than comparing yourself to others:


2. Seeing the potential in what you have yet to accomplish. Things left unfinished or unaccomplished are gifts. There is potential and opportunity in those things.

3. Knowing there is more than one way to skin a cat. One person's success is different than another person's success. Our journeys to the top are all different.

4. Trusting that what's meant to be yours will be yours no matter what. This is where I get all "woo woo" on you. What's meant to be yours will be yours. There's no need to worry about all the ifs that you have no control over.

5. Setting aside time to educate yourself and learn more. If you're frustrated because so-and-so does more than you, or is more successful on social media, motivate yourself to study, read about, or take classes on that topic. You may discover hacks or methods that your competition doesn't even know.

6. Collaborating with someone. Rather than comparing yourself to a person, look for ways to work with them. Can they be an ally for you?

7. Studying your competition and haters for insights. Your competition can teach you not only about your business but about yourself.

8. Creating something brand new. Ideas never run out. Creativity never goes away. Make your mark by doing something new or trying something in a new way.

9. Changing direction. If you're tired of seeing everyone else do better than you, change directions. Go a different way. Comparison can't thrive when you separate yourself from the herd.

A final word about comparison:

Social media gives us so many wonderful things. But we have to use it responsibly. Letting it affect our well-being shouldn't be part of the equation. Know yourself and set limits for yourself.

And STOP comparing yourself to what you see from others online.

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