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What we're learning about leadership right now through leaders' social media posts

I love scanning posts on LinkedIn. There's no better place on the internet right now, in my opinion, to learn directly from great leaders in all industries.

I try to follow as many of these leaders as I can: leaders in business, in marketing, authors, and celebrities. Leaders in small businesses, across small towns in the US.

One thing I've heard mentioned again and again is that our world won't be the same after this event. Many things that we once took for granted are at the forefront of discussions related to the world of work, remote work, organizational communication, and employers. One of the things I'm expecting the most to change is how we identify the leaders around us.

Not in name or title, but by the way they make people feel, as well as what they do for others.

Based on what's happening in the world, here's what we know works and people need:

  • Leaders who focus on abundance

  • Leaders who foster and promote accessibility

  • Leaders who show appreciation

  • Leaders who remain calm

  • Leaders who are open to change

  • Leaders who show compassion

  • Leaders who communicate with openness and empathy

  • Leaders who are direct

Here's what's no longer working for us, and what I expect to change drastically as the world adjusts to a new normal:

  • Leaders who focus on scarcity

  • Leaders who restrict

  • Leaders who take for granted

  • Leaders who panic

  • Leaders who insist on doing things the way they've always been done

  • Leaders who show resentment

  • Leaders who shut down their emotions

  • Leaders who skirt around important issues

Typically, by the way they post on LinkedIn and what they share (or if they share), I can tell which of these buckets these leaders fall into.

What you like, share, and interact with on social media is a huge tell. It's something people are paying attention to. Even radio silence speaks volumes.

How are you communicating?

What are you communicating?

Are you communicating?

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