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Dear Brands: Congratulations on the great emails lately

I realized something the other day when I opened my umpteenth email from a brand I subscribe to – I've actually enjoyed reading brand emails and newsletters lately.

The first week of major coronavirus panic in the US, when everything began to close, companies only communicated to their customers – it seemed – reminding them that they can still shop online or pay their bills online.


They weren't doing anything to help their customers.

In the past few days, however, brands moved away from marketing messages and have focused on being more human.

It's quite refreshing to read, and it's kept me somewhat engaged.

I've been much less prone to reaching for the garbage icon.

And it made me think: why does it take a worldwide phenomenon such as COVID-19 to inspire brands and companies to communicate like human beings?

After this crisis is over, I sincerely hope this trend doesn't change.

Rather than telling me over and over again about a promotion, check in with me from time to time to make sure my life is good. Send me things you think I'll enjoy reading about, even if they don't directly lead to a sale.

Give me reasons to connect with you beyond you trying to separate me from my dollars.

Be human.

Be thoughtful.

Treat subscribers like people.

And never, ever overlook building rapport with your customers or potential customers via email. It's an intimate and ideal channel to do so.

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