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LinkedIn, Pinterest, and what they say about social media content right now

It's no longer relevant to ask if you should post to social media or even why.

We know we should.

We know why.

At this point, it may be the most effective way to keep up with your customers, donors, or other stakeholders.

Not to get all "Ariel" on you, but social media is where the people are – at least, while we're all social distancing.

What we should be asking instead of WHY or IF is how we can better fuse humanity and empathy into whatever we share online, be it website content, blog posts, articles, or even social media posts.


One of the best places to get guidance, news, and other advice is directly from the social networks and platforms themselves. Many marketers fail to take advantage of the native education opportunities sites like LinkedIn or Pinterest offer regularly.

What does LinkedIn say we should be doing online right now?

LinkedIn recently published a guide to help answer the question, "So now what? (paraphrased)" when it comes to creating compelling social media content in the time of COVID.

LinkedIn, being a professional-minded social network, relies on its users being more self-aware than most others.

So here are my takeaways, based on information from LinkedIn:

1. Write what you know and be yourself.

2. Use this as a time to discover and participate in conversations. It's not just about broadcasting a message but having a dialogue.

3. Offer your unique POV. And, no, it doesn't always have to be about work. The lines between our work selves and our personal selves are so blurry that Robin Thicke could sing a questionable song about it.

4. Stay informed and follow trusted sources.

And Pinterest, being a social network/search engine mutant baby that it is, expects its users to pin content that's useful, helpful, and relevant.

What does Pinterest say we should be doing online right now?

Here's what I gathered from their handy guide:

1. Offer hope for the future. We won't always be living like this. Let people look forward to something while keeping a finger on the pulse of mentally and emotionally what our audience might be going through.

2. Think about what's happening at the moment and provide solutions. What are your customers likely doing right now? What information do they need?

3. Tell people what you want them to do. Make sure you include CTAs in your content that gives people somewhere to go.

4. Help people evolve what they do every day. Now is the time for life hacks.

5. Use visuals to help communicate your message.

When you share online, it's essential to be thoughtful and share meaningful information to your audience.

Going directly to sources, such as LinkedIn and Pinterest, help in the case that you're still scratching your head or trying to make sense of the social media landscape right now.

For more information, social tips, and guidance, follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

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