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Please don't follow me online

Do not follow me online...

if you're looking for someone who has her life together

if you're inspired by a perfectly curated Instagram feed, complete with filters and presets

if you want my take on everything going on in the world

if you think I know everything about social media

to get me to follow you right back

because you want to buy something from me

because you want me to buy something from you

Please follow me online...

if we know one another in real life

if my career path is interesting to you

if we have common interests

if you're craving actual conversation

if you need a little levity in your life

if you want to learn more about what social media is and what it isn't

... if I can help you in any way

Because THAT'S the whole point of social media.

Find me @MareeJones on Twitter and Instagram, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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