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Time is Fleeting And So Are Fleets

"we're sorry or you're welcome" would make a fantastic email signature, wouldn't you agree?

On another note, this is one of the reasons why I hesitate to jump on board with new social features or platforms – most don't stick around long enough to be effective or never were in the first place.

Yes, being an early-adopter has its benefits, and, chances are, you can amass a large following on new platforms and using new features by embracing all the latest social developments.

But –

What separates good social media managers from great ones is knowing where to spend time, energy, and resources.

There's a time to go all-in and a time to do some serious gut-checking.

Ephemeral content has been popular for years now. It's not going anywhere. Many social media managers knew that.

What didn't make sense for some people is why Twitter (which already has a short content lifecycle) would jump on board the Stories trend.

That said, I'm eager to see what the "new stuff" is going to be.

Twitter is probably my favorite social media platform, and I plan on sticking around to watch its evolution.


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